Full-stack Engineer

Full-Time in United States - Remote OK - Senior - Development

Relevant Experience

  • Expert knowledge of building frontend web applications
    • Ability to write CSS from scratch without the use of a framework
    • Ability to write semantic HTML
    • Knowledge of common security vulnerabilities
  • Expert knowledge of building backend services
    • Ability to design REST APIs
    • Ability to write custom middleware
    • Expert knowledge of HTTP and the delivery of web content
    • Knowledge of common security vulnerabilities
  • Expert in relational databases
    • Ability to architect models and setup relationships
    • Understands query resolution and performance
    • Knowledge of common security vulnerabilities
  • Knowledge of non-relational databases
  • Knowledge of systems design
    • Ability to setup an application for production deployment on AWS or similar cloud service
    • Understanding and implementation of different subsystems in systems architecture
  • 2+ years of JavaScript experience
    • NodeJS
      • Typescript experience preferred
      • Built and operated production NodeJS deployments
    • React JS
  • Experience in crypto as a Trader/HODLer/DeFi user