Integral is a team of mathematicians, engineers, growth hackers working with the Ethereum and DeFi OG community. Our advisors includes Rob Leshner (Founder of Compound), Tarun Chitra (Founder of Gauntlet), Michael & Vance (Framework Ventures) and Olaf Carlson-Wee (Founder of Polychain Capital). In April, we closed our Public Seed Round and received $32mm investment.

Integral has always been building for the Year 2040. We believe that in the Year 2040, every person in the world will have a crypto wallet that contains at least 20% of their personal wealth. Integral will use mathematics and code to lay down bricks and mortar for this future financial world.

Integral is currently developing our next-generation product, which is the world's 1st on-chain OTC service. The product will enable elite DEX traders to execute multi-million dollar trade with 0 price impact. It's basically like saving half of a Camry from a $5mil trade.

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