Smart Contract Engineer

Full-Time in United States - Remote OK - Senior - Development

Relevant Experience

  • Strong foundational understanding of Ethereum mechanics
    • Mempool
    • Transactions and Events
    • Gas
  • Solidity experience
    • Experience writing and deploying Solidity code to Ganache, Kovan, and Mainnet
    • Ability to write full test coverage using Waffle, Mocha, and Chai
    • Knowledge of common security vulnerabilities and infamous hacks
    • Knowledge of popular design patterns and mechanics used in top DeFi projects
  • JavaScript (web3 / ethers) + NodeJS / ReactJS Full-Stack Experience
    • Ability to create scrips for deploying and maintaining contracts
    • Ability to pull on-chain data and send transactions
    • Ability to create a working front-end to interface with smart contract code
  • Experience integrating with Ethereum service providers